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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Everything, Everything

Underworld. I absolutely love them. This is a picture of Karl Hyde and Rick Smith.
Everything, Everything is the title of a dvd that showcases a two year tour that they did when Darren Emerson was with them. I think it's probably the most energetic and engaging concert footage that I've ever seen. Here's a description from Don't know who wrote it, but it pretty much sums up the whole experience.
Short of standing in front of the stage and stuck in between the speakers, this is the definitive Underworld live experience. It starts with a machine-like murmur and ends with 40,000 people dancing in a field. Pounding out anthems and improvised jams, it spans one studio album, two childbirths, and four continents, fusing the loud and fast, expansive and explosive, with the quiet and contemplative. From Glastonbury to Fuji Rock, Brussels to Chicago, Everything, Everything captures the musical and visual energy of Underworld's 1998/1999 world tour.


Blogger FancyPants said...

Rez/Cowgirl, which is where the title "Everything, Everything" comes from, is a life-changing experience and I don't even talk like that. So I guess it did.

9:41 PM  
Blogger MisterKlean said...

I'll have to check them out some more.



3:09 PM  
Blogger FancyPants said...

I have never seen a man dance the way that Karl Hyde can dance. And given my history, that's saying something!

3:40 PM  

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