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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Malcolm McLaren on "This Spartan Life"

Even though I have a link to their main page, every time I ask, there's not one of you who has checked out This Spartan Life. It's so weird but also so very smart. I've been waiting for this episode f o r e v e r. Malcolm is now into making 8 bit music, which is music created on Gameboys. Sounds like a goofy idea, but there are some really creative folks out there making some pretty cool stuff.

Malcolm McLaren's career began in the early 70s with a clothing store that had a big part in starting the punk movement in Britain. He soon founded the seminal punk band, The Sex Pistols and set out to cause a huge disturbance, the effects of which are still being felt today. His work in film, television and on his own genre-hopping music releases has exposed his more thoughtful side, but he continues to situate himself in the midst of the latest radical upheaval, most recently gameboy music. He is currently producing a film version of the book "Fast Food Nation".


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