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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My Name Is Shadow

I mentioned previously that I had a new cat, but didn't bother to give you as much as a picture, so here she is. This is Shadow.

Shadow is more than enough cat to make up for all of the cat characteristics that poor Gracie lacked. Where Gracie never once meowed in six years, Shadow WILL NOT STOP TALKING. Well, except maybe that one time. She also enjoys jumping up on her hind legs and rubbing against my knee in kind of a bucking bronco movement. You'd have to see it to understand how preposterous it looks.

Shadow is very attached to humans, and now I understand where her curious name came from. With a name like that, you expect to see a black cat, or a grey cat. One that isn't quite visible. Shadow was named Shadow because.......wherever you go, there she is. The unspoken rule is, Thou shalt not pick Shadow up, EVER, but she will not let you out of her sight. Needless to say, it's an interesting relationship, very much still in the developmental stages. Five different brands of cat treats later, and we've finally found one we like, thank you very much.

After Gracie's death, I was surprised to discover that I even wanted to get another pet, but I found myself looking at the Humane Society website not too long afterwards. When Mina died, I felt that I never wanted to have another pet. This time was different. There was a very palpable void that needed to be filled. When I saw this picture, I was done. Shadow looked like she was full of curiosity and couldn't wait to get off that lap to check things out. When I met her, the deal was sealed. God help me, since I later discovered that I'm the third owner to tackle her " high maintenance personality", as it was described in the adoption papers. Fingers crossed that the third time really is charmed, right? When she comes to the door to meet me, I can't imagine a life without her.


Anonymous cameralizard said...

So have you tammed the beast or has the beast tammed you? Or maybe simply, you have balanced eachother out.

9:39 PM  

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